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Nic Salt E Liquid (Nicotine Salt)

Explore our collection of Salt Nicotine e liquid. Available in strengths of up to 50 mg. Nic salts e liquids are the closest experience to smoking a cigarette. Offering a super-charged way to get nicotine into your system. Nicsalts consist of a higher concentration of nicotine but yet offer a super-smooth throat hit. They work faster to deliver nicotine into your system to satisfy your craving within seconds. Compared to traditional vape liquids salt nicotine is more cost-effective. Available in a variety of flavours. We have a nicotine salt e liquid that fits every type of vaper.

What are Nicotine Salt E Liquids?

Designed for the people who switched from cigarettes. Salt nics are mixed with a 50-50 ratio. Nicotine Salts are made for Pod Systems and mouth to lung style vape kits. You will be able to get the same hit from your vape as you would a cigarette.  NicSalts deliver nicotine to the blood stream far quicker.

What is the right strength for you?

Available in nicotine volumes of 25/30 mg and 50 mg. Since nicotine salts absorb faster, even a low strength liquid should satisfy your cravings quickly. It's best to choose a strength that best simulates you. If you smoked 20 plus cigarettes a day, try a 50 mg Nic Salt. You can always drop down to a lower strength, and even quit eventually.

What brands are available?

We stock a large collection of brands such as:

  • I Love Salts
  • Naked 
  • JUUL Juice
  • DYB 
  • BVLK
  • Ripe
  • Hammerhead
  • DYB Salt 

What is the NicSalt E Liquid price?

Our collection is available at the cheapest prices in the market, only at Vapour India.


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